We love giving back to the Community!
We rescued Banjo, our beagle from a shelter in 2016.
And have since worked closely with EBWA in 2018, we have participated in various donation drives.

We visited F7 Home Kennel in Singapore.


Every order contributes to a charity.
We donate at least 10% of profits to charities in Australia and Singapore.

Our current charities are:
Everything Beagle Rescue Western Australia
F7 Home Kennel (Singapore)

Australia and international orders, part profits are donated to EBWA.
Singapore orders, part profits are donated to F7 Home Kennel.

Can we really make a difference?
Oh, absolutely YES!
We have seen the passion of the animal rescue workers doing everything!
From daily shelter work, transport, fundraising, enquiries and the list goes on.

Any donation helps the organisation improve the care of these animals,
covering vet bills, vaccinations, treatment, and more!

When you order any products from us,
we get to share our handmade products with you,
and you get to contribute to a charity!

Club Series
We launched the Club Series to partner with other rescue organisations,
At least $5 from each sale will be donated back to the partnered charity.
These bandanas are designed specially for the club.

– – – –

From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank you for taking your time to read this and for supporting us,
and our dream for spreading the love to those in need.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.