Sizing chart

All bandana comes with snap clips at the original sizing.
Bandanas may vary in size by 1-2cm.

If you have a pup, order a size up, we can place extra snaps at your current pup’s neck circumference so they can keep using it when they grow.

If neck circumference is in between sizing, we can snap to fit.
(Drop us a message!)

Size Guide
Extra Small fits up to 27cm
Small fits up to 32cm
Medium fits up to 42cm
Large fits up to 52cm
Extra Large fits up to 62cm

(Need a custom size? Drop us a message.)

How to look absolutely Dapper!
Measure up pup’s neck circumference where you want bandana to sit.
Be sure that it is not too snug!

*Tip: Get pup to sit and measure up.
No measuring tape? Grab a string, loosely measure the neck circumference till string overlaps the end then place it on a ruler. If you like a looser fit, then add a few cms.

You have 4 options to use the bandana.
The way we prefer is to roll down to desired length, play around and see what looks best!

Snap clip! And you are read to look Absolutely Dapper!
Be the best looking hound in town.

Banjo’s neck circumference 40cm + 2 finger spacing between neck and bandana.
He’s wearing Size M.